Walkabout Acts

Moth Masticated Mademoiselles 

A walkabout act inspired by the 1780's Parisian glamour. This band of impish ladies will add flamboyant decorum and audaciousness to any occasion!

Trapped in a wardrobe for several millennium and devoured by moths, a mob of mischievous mademoiselle's break free and are let loose into the 21st century. 

Watch as they glide, dance and pose across any backdrop, guaranteed to catch the attention and excitement of passersby. But they’re not all glitz and glamour, watch them tipple, topple and tumble around at the expense of your entertainment.

BEASTS - Interactive Puppet Walkabout Act & Puppet-Making Workshop

After our recent collaboration with the Museum of London we have created a BEASTS Puppet-Making workshop, enabling each child to take their own beastly puppet home with them or to perform around the festival! They can make a lion, a bear, a chicken, a rabbit, a fox or a pigeon. The workshop concludes with a Puppet Parade/Walkabout with our very own Fox and Rat puppet, we take them on a journey in the wild with their puppets through games and instruments!

Bits & Bobs - Walkabout Act

Old Lady Cotton, her pet fox 'Woopie' and a band of cheeky chums are off on an adventure! They're running out of time and they need your help! With a treasure hunt and given tasks, you'll embark on a mission to take over the festival, maybe even the world! 

Please find attached a photo gallery of our walkabout acts, show and our tour pack.

All of our walkabout acts can be tailored to your specific needs, if you have a theme at your festival we can alter it to your festivals requirements. 


For more enquiries please contact Amber-Rose Perry at theatremoth@gmail.com

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