Moth Physical Theatre was founded in 2016 by physical actors Chelsey Lee, Amber-Rose Perry, Charlotte Irwin and Emma Crowley-Bennett. We pride ourselves in creating visually stimulating theatre using physical storytelling, puppetry and music. Our aim is to bridge the gap between creativity and money. We believe it’s important to tell stories, but we also understand how difficult it may seem to be creative on a low budget whilst also looking after our planet. Therefore our mission is to teach, inspire and guide families in how to tell their own stories through inventive, accessible means. Our puppets are made from recyclable objects or materials, often found at home; such as newspaper, hessian and cardboard. 

We want families to be inspired by this, realising that creative activities aren’t inaccessible, expensive or wasteful. We are passionate about creating something from nothing, and guiding others in how to do the same. 

Moth's Artistic Directors most recent credits include working as Lead Puppeteer for BBC One's His Dark Materials, alongside James McAvoy, the Cat in Tall Stories acclaimed show 'Room On The Broom', an existing CLE Practitioner for the Royal Exchange Theatre and with the David Glass Ensemble, Nick Barnes Puppets, Frantic Assembly, Herringbone Arts, and Brunskill and Grimes to name a few. 

Artistic Directors

Emma Crowley-Bennett

Performer & Outreach

Amber-Rose Perry

Performer & Producer

Charlotte Irwin

Performer & Finance

Chelsey Lee

Performer & Marketing 

Associate Artists

Ankit Giri

Workshop Facilitator

Marisa Foley
Performer - Wild Wilma
Kirsty Jackson
Performer - Wild Wilma
Dan Armstrong
Performer & Musician
Wild Wilma

Georgia Young

Performer - Sanctum

Heidi Goldsmith

Performer - Wild Wilma

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